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"A beautiful story woven in French and English depicting my memories of growing up in Verdun and bringing back to me my own childhood perfectly told in this well thought out remembrance of days gone by.  Congratulations et Felicitations aussi." Scotty Bowman


 Ginette Reno – Chanteuse, Actrice, Auteure, Compositrice

“A fairy tale bursting with all the colour and love of a Montreal summer.

A joy to experience for children of all ages!” 

Jay Baruchel -- Actor, Writer, Hockey fan

"Thanks for forwarding your book to me. I enjoyed it thoroughly. You’ve captured the joual of the streets, not only in Verdun, but throughout the heart of our city. Your clever creation of graphics, mixing drawings, photographs and other found visuals, moves your project as a children’s story into being a very satisfying, little graphic novel for all. I was very partial to your renderings of dogs and cats. Many reminded me of characters I have known in Montreal over the years."

Terry Mosher (Aislin)

“Karen has wonderfully sewn together Canada’s forever love of hockey with the bright, vibrant streets of Verdun, the neighbourhood a glowing example of the melting pot of language and culture that is Montreal – and the hometown of NHL legend Scotty Bowman, no less!”

Dave Stubbs, Columnist and Historian

"This story hits every feel good button - warmth, joy, teamwork, leadership, diversity, pride and, especially for many of us who live in the southwest end of Montreal, a strong sense of community and connection to history. Plus, it’s beautifully illustrated. And it really happened - a true Stanley Cup caliber effort!"

Mitch Melnick ....45 years in the radio business - longtime host of Melnick in the Afternoon weekdays 2-6 on TSN 690

“What a fabulous concept this book is, telling a story that appropriately emanates from hockey mad Montreal. For me this publication was a 'feel good'' experience which gave me a lift, especially when I saw that this is all based on a true story. I can' t wait for the movie!” Mike Cohen –  The Suburban

I have been working in sports radio and tv for the last 20 years. I have heard a lot of hockey stories and read a lot of hockey books. Le Hockey Rink gives you a great idea of what it felt like growing up in Verdun in the 1970s and early 80s. You can feel the love they had for the game of hockey. The story is great, the pictures are awesome and the poetry is super creative. A great read for kids of all ages - even for a 49 year old sports media member like me. Great stuff Karen! Congrats! Tony Marinaro Host of The Sick Podcast / Collaborator on BpmSports / Collaborator on TVA Sports

I have some great memories of my time in Verdun as we practiced there quite a bit when the Montreal Forum was
busy. It had two rinks close to each other as Karen has illustrated in this book and they were extremely cold! I
believe Claude Lemieux was a big star for the Verdun team! —Larry Robinson, NHL hockey legend

Wow! What a great idea and book. Thank you, Karen, for bringing back great memories from my childhood. I
can’t wait for my kids to read it. Everyone should read it! —Jimmy Mann, Verdun Leafs, Winnipeg Jets, Québec
Nordiques, Pittsburgh Penguins, Verdunite

This heartwarming story of community perfectly captures the energy and spirit of Verdun and its relationship with the game of hockey. —Eddie Courtenay, Verdun Leafs, San Jose Sharks; coach, Belfast Elite Hockey League; Verdunite

This is a great feel-good story about a neighbourhood coming together to celebrate winter and sport. You can’t help but smile reading it and appreciating the wonderful artwork. —Andrew Caddell, author, The Goal

An awesome depiction of how many Verdunites have lived their lives: family, values, dreams and accomplishments…Your book has brought back many fond memories. A perfect read for all ages.
Glenn Keeble, offensive centre, Verdun Maple Leafs, 1978–80, Montreal Alouettes, 1981–86, Verdunite

There’s no doubt children will love the imagination and illustrations as they turn the pages with their parents.
“Can we make a rink, est-ce qu’on peut?” is sure to be heard in homes everywhere… Enjoy and share in all the layers with family, friends and community. — Billy Dunlop and Ian Clyde, Olympic flyweight boxers, Verdunites

Abso-freaking-lutely amazing! I loved this story… This is a book I will read to my son… [It]reminded me of exactly
why I loved and still cherish having grown up here and why I love now getting to serve this incredible city borough. — Sterling Downey, city councillor, Verdunite

Magnificently and magically illustrated. Karen has captured the true essence of Verdun. I smiled throughout and
even shed a tear of joy as I was transported back to when I was a kid growing up. Le Hockey Rink! is destined to
become a classic, not only for “Verdunites” but for all who believe that a simple pleasure can bring people together and leave warmth in the heart on a cold winter’s day.
Richard Jutras, actor (Roch Carrier in The Hockey Sweater: A Musical), Verdunite

I am overjoyed to see Le Hockey Rink! come to life. The storyline makes you feel like you are part of these precious moments and the images bring it so close to home… We feel the love, the connection and the Sunday family get together dinners that make it so very special… This story will be read by many families for generations to come. — Connie Rotella, author, Becoming One, and Triple Threat Academy director

Kitty’s illustrations in Le Hockey Rink! bring out the child—and hockey lover—in all of us Montréalais.
Cheryl Fisher, daughter of the late great Red Fisher

Kitty’s Le Hockey Rink! illustrates, in amazing detail, the magic of making and enjoying a community outdoor rink!
The “build it and they will come” approach is a great lesson for kids and adults. As a filmmaker I appreciate how
this work of art describes a community dream that comes true! As a backyard rink-making dad I know firsthand the magical feelings that Kitty captures with her amazing illustrations! —Tommy Groszman, filmmaker

Le Hockey Rink! is a wonderfully illustrated story that melds the passion of Canada’s national game with the inherent sense of community that brings so many kids of all ages together to make a most memorable winter experience! I am awarding a “First Star” for this first-time author! — Pat Kindrat (Rat Stevens), CFCR 90.5 FM, Saskatoon

I can envision families cherishing this book for generations, long after their children have grown up. It literally
explodes with colour, nostalgia and an overwhelming sense of family and community. For many of us ex-Montrealers, I believe this book will also prove to be a treasure. A book for all ages. What an achievement!
David Henman, founding member, April Wine

An inspiring modern-day true tale of a community working together to bring Montreal’s sacred sport to life in their
neighbourhood! —Matthew A. Iserhoff Iyiyuu of Iyiyuu Istchee, Quebec, Canada and Juno award recipient with the Indigenous duo CerAmony, Whapmagoostui First Nation Councillor

An inspiring read about how strong community is. I am so excited to read and retell this story repeatedly! I remember when the rink came alive on Osborne Street. Children and their families would excitedly come to the Centre and say, “You have to go see the Osborne Rink!” Karen has captured the magic of that winter and the everyday Verdun spirit through the story and illustrations. I feel like I am reliving the excitement all over again. Thank you! — Cindy Cohen, director of programs, BGC Dawson

This book is a beautiful portrayal of Verdun with illustrations of neighbourly love, resiliency, adaptability, community and hockey! It highlights the power of storytelling because in sharing Le Hockey Rink! Karen is bringing people together and in turn, we’re learning from others’ experiences. This is how we continue to build and strengthen communities! — Darley Polony, director of programs, BGC Dawson

I love this book. I started cheering for the Habs, Alouettes and Expos when I was a baby because my grandpa Ben was a Canadiens fan. —Taylor Sinclair, biggest Montreal sports fan ever, Winnipeg

A wonderful and inspiring read that re-connected us to our childhoods in Montreal! Some of the greatest joys in
life come from creating moments of pure happiness for those around you. This story is filled with entrepreneurial
lessons that can be applied to all facets of life. Karen shows that the key is to always believe and as a result manifest your dream even when the odds are stacked against you. This book teaches us to never give up on what you feel is right, and more importantly, to make sure to execute it. That’s the most difficult part; yet most important and most rewarding. — Calvin and Matthew Konya, young entrepreneurs and founders of LINEMATE sports app

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